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Vanguard Tripods

Vanguard tripods are among the industry's most respected. Their record has led to a history of industry firsts and hundreds of design patents including unique tripod lines like the Auctus, Abeo Pro, Abeo Plus, Abeo, Alta Pro and Alta+ Series. Vanguard sets themselves above competitors with competitive prices, innovative features, and quality design on all Vanguard products tailor for birders, hunters, photographers and outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels. Besides the premium carbon and aluminum tripod lines, Vanguard also has monopods and an extensive tabletop tripod line and tripod heads.

Vanguard ABEO tripods are magnesium die-cast tripods with quick-flip leg locks, and a low-angle adapter. Available with either pan or ball head. ABEO tripods come in 2 models each of which are offered with both aluminum and carbon fiber leg options: the lighter 283 and the more heavy-duty. Both have 3-section legs with lever locks, and are sold in legs-only or kit forms with available pan/tilt and ball heads.
203AV  243AV 
$129.99 - $169.99
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The Alta Pro series are Vanguard's top carbon fiber tripods with one-twist release legs, retractable spikes and a stable center column essential for macrophotography and special wide-angle shots - 0 to 180 degrees vertical and horizontal movements. Alta Pro tripods come in 3- or 4-section legs, in carbon fiber or aluminum, and are sold as legs-only or in kits with a choice of ball head types.
263AB 100  263AGH  263AT  264AB 100 
$149.99 - $329.99
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The Alta+ series are Vanguard's high-end carbon fiber and aluminum tripods with 3- and 4-section, lever lock release legs and retractable spikes. Alta+ tripods are available legs only or in kits with a choice of pistol-grip, 2-handle pan/tilt and several different ball heads.
Alta+ 233AO  263AGH  Alta+ 263AP  Alta+ 264AO 
Alta+ 264AP 
$124.99 - $199.99
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Vanguard Espod and Espod Plus tripods are quick, compact aluminum tripods that are simple to set up and take down. Featuring 3-section, lever-locking legs, Espod and Espod Plus tripods are sold legs-only or in kits with either 2-way compact pan/tilt or SBH-20 ball heads. The Espod line also features several monopods of differing extension and payload capacity.
203AGH  CX 203AP  CX 204AP  CX 233AP 
CX 234AP 
$59.99 - $89.99
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Vanguard currently offers one tabletop tripod, the VS-82. It is compact even for a tabletop model. All Table Pods are backed by Vanguard's 5-year warranty.
$29.99 - $29.99
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Vanguard VEO Monopods are available in 4- or 5-section models and aluminum or carbon fiber. They are light and compact without sacrificing stability and sturdiness.
AM-204  AM-234  AM-264  AM-264TR 
AM-295  AM-234  CM-264 
$39.99 - $119.99
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Vanguard VEO tripods are designed for photographers who travel frequently. They feature 4- or 5-section legs for short folded length but don't compromise on stability. Low camera heights can be achieved by reversing the center column.
204AB  235AB  235AP  265AB 
$119.99 - $279.99
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