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Vanguard 3-in-1 Lens Cleaning Kits

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The Vanguard 3-in-1 Cleaning Kits includes Power Lens Cleaner and a 30-ml cleaning solution spray bottle. The Power Lens Cleaner helps you keep your camera or other sensitive electronic devices free from dust and dirt. It doubles as an air blower and brush to remove dust and dirt from lenses and hard-to-reach crevices. Power Lens Cleaner also includes a soft tip graphite dispenser and a microfiber cleaning cloth for polishing. The 30-ml cleaning solution spray bottle is safe for use on lenses and electronics.

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Vanguard offers a Premium Lifetime Warranty and will repair or replace your qualifying VANGUARD optics. No hassles. No questions asked. The Premium Lifetime Warranty is valid for those who reside within Canada and the 50 United States. Residents of the 50 United States should complete the Optics Repair/Replacement Request form. Canadian customers should contact the store where the product was purchased for a product exchange.

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