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Sayegh Digidapter for Kowa TE-10Z and TE-11WZ

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The Sayegh Digidapter for Kowa TE-10Z and TE-11WZ eyepieces is unique among the Sayegh Digidapters. The Kowa version mounts to the eyepiece in place of the eyecup, which can be unscrewed, baring threads that the adapter uses to attach to the eyepiece. This design allowed Sayegh to make an asymmetric inner sleeve, giving optimal mounting distances for either point and shoot cameras (short end up) or mirror-less DSLRs (long end up). Otherwise, the Kowa model has the same mounting platform as the models for the other brands of scope. See the videos below for mounting instructions and to witness the versatility of the Kowa adapter.

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