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Using Binoculars to see at distances

Pentax Binocular Accessories Tripod Mounts

Tripod Adapter N for PCF WP Series
Pentax Tripod Adapter designed for PCF (III, V, WP), DCF (HR, WP), and PIF series binoculars with tripod sockets onto a standard 1/4"-20 tripod.
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TP-3 Tripod Adapter for PCF & DCF Series
The Pentax TP-3 Tripod Adapter has fittings for PCF & DCF Binocular Series so you can mount them onto a tripod.
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Tripod Adapter-U for newer UCF models w/tripod socket
The UCF tripod adapter fits newer-style UCF binoculars which have tripod sockets. Using a tripod will help maintain a more comfortable, steady view over an extended period of time. Pentax optional tri ...
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