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Morovision Paris 3 IR Long-Range Compact Infrared Fan Laser Flare -Waterproof

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The Morovision Paris 3 is a long-range compact laser flare used for directional signaling at ranges up to 20 miles. Unlike traditional lasers, the Paris 3 Fan Laser utilizes laser light line technology to reshape the laser from a light spot to a light line. At a range of five miles, the Paris 3 fan laser will project a line of light approximately 1,400 feet in length. This makes the Paris 3 significantly more effective as a SAR signaling device than traditional beam lasers. At close ranges the Paris 3 laser can also be superbly effective as a signaling/warning device.

The Paris family of beacons has been engineered to be the most durable available. Constructed from a solid billet of aircraft aluminum, the Paris’ cylinder walls are more than 2.5mm thick making the beacon virtually crush proof. This tremendous strength coupled with a water tight design, and corrosion resistant coatings make the Paris laser superbly suited for all operations. The Paris 3™ is turned ON and OFF by rotating the anti-roll bezel. Powered by two CR123A lithium batteries the Paris 3 will provide 12 hours of operation at a constant brightness. The Paris 3 includes a 550 cord retention lanyard (not pictured) and can be weapon mounted using conventional light/laser mounts.


Warning: Requires State Department License for export.

Included In The Box

  • 550 Paracord Retention Lanyard
  • (2) CR123A Lithium Batteries
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