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Series 0 Carbon 6X Low Level Column Kit
The Gitzo center column kit consists of 6x-type carbon fiber, plus the necessary components for the ground level set feature: a machined aluminum Safe Lock upper disc, a reversible screw, and hook ass ...
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Weight Hook for Column
This is a Weight Hook for the center column of a tripod. It screws into the bottom of the center column to enable adding weight to the tripod to aid in stabilization in windy conditions.
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Carbon Fiber Column Clamp
The Manfrotto 349C Column Clamp will attach to any solid surface, pole or bar up to 2.1" thick, and will accept Carbon One series tripod columns. It is suitable for nature photography or support for s ...
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Pan Bar 500HLV
The Manfrotto Pan Bar for 500HLV Video Heads is a PVC-free pan bar for use with the 500HLV Video Head.
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Multi-Mount 6 Support for 2 Cameras/Scopes
The Vanguard Multi-Mount 6 Support is a 2.68 lbs. tripod quick attachment for 2 Cameras/Scopes or camera accessories such as a flash unit to a single tripod. It quickly and easily attaches to the trip ...
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