Minox NVD Mini Night Vision Device

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Minox NVD Mini Night Vision Device uses digital infrared technology to amplify the available residual light frequencies from stars or horizon radiation that are not perceived by the human eye. With the MINOX NVD the infrared-sensitive CMOS sensor picks up the infrared radiation and reproduces the image on the monitor in the viewfinder. Unlike conventional image intensifier tube night vision devices the NVD Mini is not sensitive to bright light sources - thanks to its digital technology - and can also be used in daylight, if required. The optical system provides 2x magnification and the 16 powerful infrared LEDs are suitable for use in total darkness at a range of 60 m. With this innovative digital technology the MINOX NVD mini is shock and impact resistant. Compact dimensions of just 14.2 x 4.9 cm mean that the MINOX NVD mini is suitable for use anywhere. The ergonomic design allows a straightforward, simple operation and makes this outstanding night-vision device the perfect companion for all outdoor activities.

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