Gitzo GC1201T Series 1 Traveler Tripod Carry Case

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The Gitzo GC1201T Traveler Bag (Gray and Black) is a lightweight, water-resistant neoprene tripod bag designed to carry a Gitzo traveler tripod. The bag uses a rubberized abrasion resistant textile that keeps the bag in shape even at maximum load. It has a removable, multi-adjustable strap that allows for a wide range of adjustments, from a handle to a shoulder strap. A special system enables you to roll and tie up the excess strap. It also has strong a carbine snap hook and two textile loops that allow attaching the bag to other supports (such as a backpack). It offers excellent protection against light rain and bad weather conditions thanks to the closed cell neoprene.


  • Fits Gitzo Traveler Tripod
  • Water-resistant Neoprene Tripod Bag
  • Rubberized Textile Keeps Shape
  • Multi-adjustable Strap
  • Carbine Snap Hook
  • Two Textile Attachment Loops
  • Weight - 1.04 lbs
  • Type of Closure - Zipper
  • Interior Dimensions - 17" x 3.7" x 3.7"

Included In The Box

  • GC1201T Traveler Tripod Carry Case
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