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Golden Eagle at El Toro Marine Corps Air Station

Made a quick stop coming into work this morning by the El Toro Marine Base. Ahhhhh… flying overhead is the Golden Eagle that I have heard has been in the area. There was some small bird chasing it.

Golden Eagle being chased by a smaller bird.

Golden Eagle being chased by a smaller bird.

OK, so its not such a small bird chasing it… it is a Red-tailed Hawk (4ft+ wing span).

Golden Eagle being chased by Red-tailed Hawk

At a closer look the smaller bird is a Red-tailed Hawk!

Wow, it is getting close!

Eagle chased by Red-tailed Hawk

The Red-tailed Hawk is getting very close.

ATTACK!!! Flip upside down and get him off my tail!!!!

aerial attack on a Golden Eagle by a Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk attacks the Golden Eagle in an incredible aerial display!


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