Using Binoculars to see at distances

ATN Night Vision Accessories IR Illuminators

IR Spot/Flood lens
IR The ATN IR Spot/Flood Lens ACGOPVS7LSFL is a Night Vision Accessory for ATN PVS-7 Night Vision Goggles such as ATN PVS 7 Gen.2 Night Vision Weapon Goggles, ATN PVS-7 DP Mil-Spec Night Vision Goggle ...
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IR850-B1 IR Illuminator (NVM14 N. Spirit PS15)
The ATN IR850-B1 IR Illuminators (NVM14 N. Spirit PS15) are add-on illuminators that have more range than the built-in illuminators. This model has a mounting clamp that can be used to attach it to th ...
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IR850-B3 for NVG7
The ATN IR850-B3 for NVG7 gives your NVG7 goggles 2-3x as much visible distance. This lightweight and compact infrared illuminator attaches easily to your night vision device to give you better sight ...
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IR850-Pro Long Range IR Illuminator with adjustable mount
The ATN IR850-Pro Long Range IR Illuminator with adjustable mount boasts a 300 meter range or about 3/8 of a mile!. It comes with a rechargeable 18650 type battery, a charger, and an adjustable mount. ...
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